More Doggy Cam Madness

This time with slow-mo and cheezy muzak.

GoPro Experiments - Doggy Cam Swimming

Made a doggy mount for my GoPro. Works pretty well. Could use some adjustments...

Funky 5 Bridle Files


Here are the files for the funky 5 depowerable. Use the A file to build the canopy. The cell distribution is a bit strange because I changed the bridle after I'd built the canopy.

Patched Image Attach to Support Views

Here's the patched image attach module.

Backpacking to Prairie Reef Lookout 7/28/2005


A 3 day, 28 mile trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Don Serido and I climbed to Prairie Reef Lookout at about 8850 feet. Views include the Chinese Wall, The Sphinx, The Mission Range, Glacier Park, The Scapegoat and vast plains to the east.

Headquarters Pass Hike 11/13/2005

Another exploration of the Rocky Mountain area. When we saw the coming weather conditions and the drifted snow, we decided to aim for headquarters pass rather than the upper bowl. We reached the 2nd bridge, about 3/4 mile from the pass. The snow was around 2 inches at the bottom and around 12-18 inches at the top. This is already better than last year's snowpack. Yay!

Lucky was having a really hard time, and the wind was getting stronger as we approached the top of the wall. We ate a quick (I mean really quick) lunch and decided to come down.

Dearborn Backpack 8/19/2005

A solo backpack (unless you count one small dog) through the Scapegoat Wilderness.

I'd been thinking about this 3 day solo trip for about a year and finally got the guts to do it. A shiny new solo tent helped! I bought a Kelty - one of the cheaper ones, and let's say I got what I paid for.

Lots of bear sign, continental divide, elevation gain and stream crossings. The Landers Fork is great bear habitat! All of the hunters I talked to weren't kidding about what to expect in these parts. On the map we traveled 23 miles, but based on the heavy switchbacks and 7 hours walking on Saturday, I'd guess we did more like 25.

Cottonwood Lake Backpack 7/15/2006

An overnight backpack with friends Don and Eric.  We made several side trips up the slopes surrounding the lake.  The mosquitos were terrible!  Lucky for us there was some wind.

Jana's New Kite

We had a great time flying Jana's brand crunchy new kite. The wind was very light but not too light for a quick flight.